6 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Pierluigi Michetti October 1, 2018 — 1:14 am

    I can’t believe it!
    Thanks so much to your (very helpful) assistants, and to you, of course.


  2. I sure hope he uses it very regularly, if mot daily…honoring the blade and maker.


    1. Bing Bom was a great helper!

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    2. Pierluigi Michetti October 1, 2018 — 10:34 pm

      Yes sir, it’s going to taste quite some italian cuisine, and it will be well taken care of. I’m a straight razor user and restorer, and also a medieval re-enactor, so I have a bit of equipment, hones and gear to properly maintain blades.


  3. Congratulations to Pierluigi Michetti. Nice kitchen knife you got there!


    1. Pierluigi Michetti October 1, 2018 — 10:32 pm

      Thanks! My mom and my girlfriend are already circling like vultures, but nobody -except me- is going to touch that awesome knife.


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