Kitchen knives

Kitchen knives are something you might use every day. A good kitchen knife that feels natural in your hands and which cuts without any apparent effort, can make cooking much more fun. And of course, you can work more efficiently.

There are many types of kitchen knives, for many different applications and everyone develops their own preference. The benefit of having a knife custom made is that you can get a knife to the exct specifications you want. Not only the shape of the blade matters. There are many possible handle shapes, and since people’s hands can have different sizes, the handle shape may have to be adjusted for that as well.

All kitchen knives I make commercially are either some form of multi layered steel, or wootz. I choose these steels because those provide me with the aesthetics and edge characteristics I want to create, and do require their owners to take care of them.

These are a couple of kitchen knives that I made.

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