Straight razors

Straight razors are the reason I started this business. I started using them 20 years ago, started restoring antiques as a hobby, and eventually learned to make them myself. When properly cared for, a razor can be used for hundreds of years and it is my sincere hope that some of the things I make will still be in use, 200 years from now.

For each razor I make, I start with a design of the end result. Based on that design, I start forging steel bar stock into a shape that comes close to the final shape. The resulting blank is then shaped further using a combination of hand tools and power tools and heat treated. After heat treatment the razor is further sanded, polished and etched to get to the final result. At the end, each razor is honed and testshaved to ensure that it shaves well.

These are a couple of the razors I have made, and which represent the style I try to achieve. These days I only make razors in wootz or damacus steel, or a combination of both. You can see some examples of my recent work below.


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