Kitchen knife in progress

Just finished gluing on the handle. The handle is already rough shaped. I always do this before putting it on because it is easier to work it against the belt sander. Plus I don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting into the tang space and ruin the handle after gluing.

The guard plate is mammoth tooth.

The blade is a 7″ damascus multibar twist.

Now I’ll wait 24 hours for the epoxy to fully harden an then I’ll final shape the handle and sand it to where i can apply ca.

6 thoughts on “Kitchen knife in progress

  1. Looks great!


  2. Looks amazing already!


  3. I’ve got razors but no knives. I’ve got to think this through. Hmmm!


    1. We can do somethign about that.

      Recently I have been stepping up my kitchen knife work The damascus one is close to finished, and there is a big wootz chef in the making. I’m also building a very high layer count multibar billet specifically for another one.

      There are some options we can explore, including damascus hybrids with wootz or tamahagane edge.


  4. I dont know how you do it, when I epoxy I make a mess with excess!


    1. Aha 🙂 I’ll let you in on my secret: Acetone.
      I fill the tang with epoxy, carefully to ensure there are no air bubbles. Then I slowly press in the knife and use paper towel to catch most of the goo that comes out.

      Then I wait for a minute or so to allow it to cure a bit so that it still moves, but doesn’t run anymore. And then just use paper towel with acetone to clean it. You may need several towels to make sure you catch everything without smearing it out.

      Eventually, it will be completely clean. Just make sure that before the epoxy cures to a solid, the double check that your cleaning didn’t interfere with the alignment of the blade. and if it did, just gently move everything back in line.


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