For sale

These blades are available for sale. There is no shopping cart system yet. If you would like one of these blades, send me a message and I will send you the payment details asap. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Straight razors

A high carbon razor (1.5% C) in a classic timeless design. 6/8 wide. Scales in green and black kirinite. 400 usd

This Damascus razor was forged from a bar of damascus with 45 layers, making the resulting pattern very bold. 8/8 wide, in orange cast resin scales. 575 USD

This damascus razor comes from damascus stock that was custom made by Ed Schempp. My logo is embedded in the actual damascus pattern as mosaic damascus. The pattern is very wild and complex. The scales are greem Juma Snake. 800 USD

This razor is forged from wootz steel, following my reinterpretation of the classic smiling W&B Ottoman design. The scales are a hybrid from stabilized burl and resin. It’s a mix of classic meets modern. 800 USD Sold

This straight razor was made damascus made in Charlie Lewis’ workshop during the previous razor makers meet. It’s make of 4 14layer bars that were twisted, stacked, and then twisted again. It’s a classic 6/8 smiling razor. The scales are juma snake. 700 USD SOLD


This straight razor was made in 160 layer damascus made here at Snail Forge. It’s made to my original Predator design, 8/8 in width. The scales are stabilized burl. 700 USD


Kitchen knives

A handy length chef knife. The edge length is 7″ / 18 cm. The steel is wootz. The handle is stabilized antler and the the spacer between the handle and the blade is stabilized mammoth molar. The bolsters are an integral part of the blade so there are no hard to clean seams.       Sold


A large Chef knife. The edge length is 8″ / 20 cm. The steel is SC125 high carbon steel, heat treated with clay to create a hamon in the blade. The handle is fossilized bone, stabilized with colored resin and completely sealed against moisture. The bolsters are an integral part of the blade so there are no hard to clean seams.       Sold


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