For sale

These blades are available for sale. There is no shopping cart system yet. If you would like one of these blades, send me a message and I will send you the payment details asap. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Kitchen knives

A large Chef knife. The edge length is 8″ / 20 cm. The steel is SC125 high carbon steel, heat treated with clay to create a hamon in the blade. The handle is fossilized bone, stabilized with colored resin and completely sealed against moisture. The bolsters are an integral part of the blade so there are no hard to clean seams.      400 USD




A damascus slicing knife. The edge is 8″ / 20 cm. The steel is Damascus made here at snailforge. 160 layers of O2 and 15N20 steel in a multi-part construction. The handle is a hybrid of stabilized burl and resin.         450 USD



A paring knife made in ‘shop floor surprise’ Damascus. This is what you get when you combine various pieces of left-over damascus with unknown patterns and make a knife out of it. The resulting pattern only becomes known at the very end of the process. The edge length is 4″ / 10 cm. The handle is olive burl.      225 USD



A small everyday carry knife in 1075 steel. The edge length is just over 3″ / 8 cm. The handle can be taken apart, and is made from glow-in-the-dark kirinite.    195 USD


Straight razors

No finished straight razors for sale at the moment.


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