4 thoughts on “Work in progress

  1. Beautiful pattern Bruno. Is that a new touchmark?


    1. Hey Kris, No just the way I put it on kitchen knives. I have the runes on the tang on the front side, and the lorraine cross on the tang on the back side. I used to chisel them in the blade itself but I like this better, firstly because it is similar to what I do for razors, and also because this way the blade surface if easier to clean.
      The orientation is different though. on this style o fknives, The touchmark is oriented if you hold the blade vertically. The reason is that the runes part of my mark is wider than it is high, and this way it is easier to fit it on the tang without having to squeeze or making the tang longer.


  2. It doesn’t get better… marvelous craftsmanship and can’t wait to see the finished piece.

    Mark Booth
    Seattle, Washington


    1. I’ll be posting your work in progress here as well! 🙂


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