Ready for heat treatment

I always let blades come together for heat treatment because it makes no sense heating up my kiln for a single blade.

First we have 5 blades that will be heat treated differentially to create a hamon. The small paring knife and the first 2 razors are in SC125 and will be quenched in durixol35 fast quench oil.

I foresee no real issues there. The next 2 razors are xc130 and will be water quenched. I will do an interrupted quench and do the 2nd quench in durixol. Even so i give it 50/50 that obe of them will get a visit from the tink fairy.

Then a couple of blades that will be oil quenched. Ladder damascus chef knife and a damascus paring knife.

The smaller razor is a wootz replica of an old Sheffield razor, and the bottom one is a razor in some complex damascus twist that i made myself.

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