Kitchen knife

The one I was working on is finally done. It is a 7″ cutting edge, in a multibar twist. The guard is a piece of stabilized mammoth molar. And the handle is made from a wood laminate that is used for billiard cues. The finish on the handle is CA.

I am finally developing a style in kitchen knives that I am happy with.

This knife is available. Send me a message for pricing.


2 thoughts on “Kitchen knife

  1. Looks amazing


  2. Hi Bruno,

    My wife and I are thinking of a kitchen knife in the 7-9” range similar to your wonderful knife below.

    What price range for a Damascus steel knife like or similar or a Wootz variant?

    Thank you, Mark

    Mark Booth 7348 34th Ave SW Seattle, Washington 98126 USA 425.681.2747



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