Meteorite steel razor

Something special to finish the weekend: My Ottoman design razor in damascus made with actual meteorite, and Carbon Black Dark Matter carbon fiber scales. This razor is listed on my for-sale page.

Several years ago I had the opportunity to buy 4 pounds of Iron-Nickel meteorite From Howard Clark. At the TX razor makers meet in Charlie Lewis’s shop I cut a chunk off of it and with the help a of couple of strikers (Scott Goodman and Andy Lewis) forged an initial 5 layer billet. That was the challenging part. With the billet solid, I worked on it several time over the years, making a san mai with damascus sides. The core steel is O2. You can see the initial forging in this video.

For the scales I wanted to use something that would fit with the ‘Space’ theme of the meteorite so I chose the Dark Matter carbon fiber. It’s made from recycled carbon fiber material and seems to have depth when you rotate it. And in line with the iron-nickel meteorite, I decided to use nickel silver pins.

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