Vanadis 4 Kitchen Knife

This is my first knife in Uddeholm Vanadis 4 Extra Superclean. 1.4%C, 4.7%Cr, 3.5%Mo, 4.7%V. It was a learning experience. Forging it was brutal. Grinding was brutal. HT and cryo were done elsewhere because I lack the tools for high alloy steel. Normally I hand polish my knives but in this case that was not an option. I should have done everything before HT but didn’t so I learned something. Still, the machine finish looks decent enough. The handle is stabilized fossil bone and buffalo horn. It has a truly wicked edge.

1 thought on “Vanadis 4 Kitchen Knife

  1. Is it for sale?

    Thanks, Bryan——————————————————————–

    Bryan Bergeron, MD, FACMI President, Archetype Technologies, Inc. 258 Harvard St #315 Brookline MA  02446 v: 617.593.8213

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