Pendray Wootz in progress

Today I cleaned up the outline, and finished the pre-HT hollow grinding. The hole at the end of the tail will contain a gold medallion. In the end the gold will be held between those 2 prongs, but I am not separating them until after HT.

I included a closeup of the blade hollow during grinding (80 grit). It is very tricky to capture well in a picture, but you can clearly see the alignment of the wootz carbides already. That is a very good sign, because it proves that nothing bad happened during forging.


3 thoughts on “Pendray Wootz in progress

  1. Will this Beautiful Piece be for your collection or for sale.


    1. It will be for a customer. However, I have a couple of pieces of Pendray steel left, and I work with the Jeweler who made the bling. So if you are interested in this project, send me a message and we can see if we can make it work for you.


  2. Ditto. A true wootz Damascus cut-throat is a must-have.


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