New bolster material

A big thank you to Deniz from mermaid supplies. My mammoth molar arrived.

I’m working on a wootz chef with mammoth rib handle, and the bolster is going to be this beautiful piece of blue stabilized mammoth molar.

Initially i only had the little piece and it would barely be big enough for the 2 knives that were commissioned.

So i contacted Deniz and asked him if he happened to have more of that particular molar. Keep in mind that i bought the little piece more than a year ago from his scrap bin.

And i was very lucky because he had one big pice left. And it is absolutely beautiful! This way i know for sure that i have enough for the 2 knives. And should the set be ectended in the future, we can keep using this particular highly identifiable bolster as a common theme. This material was just too beautiful not to buy

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