Wootz fixed handle razor

This is a razor in Wootz steel, smelted by Krzysztof rusek, with the ingot forged out into a bar by me. The request was for a fixed handle razor. With razors like this I always make a set of scales that can be attached for storage or shipping.

The scales are made from buffalo bone. They are made in a such a way that the tang of the razor is ‘gripped’ in between the scales and held tight. When the scales are tied to the razor like this, it also can’t move back or forth. The spacers between the scales are pieces of stabilized burl wood with a bit of glow in the dark epoxy.


2 thoughts on “Wootz fixed handle razor

  1. That is a very fine razor Bruno!


    1. Thx Scott. Taking pics was difficult. With a normal razor you just open it, and then angle it to get a good lighting. But this thing can’t stand so you have to lay it there and try to get the light to arrive from a decent angle.


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