The Journey Begins. Again.

Welcome to my new site.

Running a business as a self employed craftsman is not trivial. Not only do you need to spend time doing the actual work, you also need to take care of all the aspects that are essential to survival: advertising, accounting, and maintaining a social media presence.

My first website was set up in Drupal. Drupal is a good tool, but requires more knowledge, and more nuts and bolts fiddling then one might like. As a result, maintaining it fell by the wayside. And recently I came to the conclusion that my website was doing more bad than good, simply by virtue of how unprofessional it looked.

I decided to switch to wordpress. And after only a couple of minutes, I am glad I made this decision. Because wordpress takes care of most of the things, and I only need to provide content and tell it where to go.

And as the blogging feature is integrated with all the rest, perhaps I can keep my site alive so that it is interesting for people to drop by, stay up to date to what I am doing, and feel more connected.

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