Special Actions

From time to time I do special actions, such as a raffle or a contest. these will all be announced on this page when appropriate.

2016 Damascus Razor Raffle

Anyone putting in a custom order with me in 2016, for a Damascus or Wootz razor, Will be eligible for a chance at a free Damascus razor. Every purchase will be good for 1 raffle ticket. At the end of the year, one of my daughters will draw a name from the raffle tickets to determine the lucky winner. The winner will have an input on the width of the razor and the point style. All the rest is my design choice.

If the order happens too late in the year to have it completed in time, a deposit may be required to secure the raffle entry. Each razor bought entitles you to 1 raffle ticket. Restrictions or tems may be added or changed throughout the year at my discretion. Participation in the raffle implies agreement with the terms outlined on this page.

Eligibility is extended to razors ordered directly from me, or razors bought from Straight Razor Designs. Since I don't have access to the SRD sales details, it is up to the individual buyers to contact me via mail or facebook and to let me know which razor they bought.