Knives for Sale

This page lists some finished things I have currently for sale.

Wootz knife with a handle of mammoth tusk ivory and purpleheart. The bolster is black horn, and embedded in the middle of the handle on each side is a 1 carat blue Topaz, VVS clarity, 6 mm in diameter. The length of the edge is 13 cm (5"). This knife is a prototype I made for research purposes, and is available for the cost of the materials, which is 465 EUR + shipping.

Wootz kitchen knife

Little san mai Japanese style kitchen knife, 200 EUR + shipping
The steel is a san mai with sides of Howard Clark Damascus, and a core of O2 steel.
The handle is purpleheart and serpentwood, with a buffalo bone bolster plate.

san mai


A peeling knife in Ed Schempp Turkish Twist Damascus. The scales are mammoth tusk bark. The edge is just over 9 cm or 3 5/8"The price is 250 EUR + shipping

mammoth peeler


A handy kitchen knife. The steel is a san mai of antique wrought iron, and a core of 1086M. The handle is orange juma gem. The edge length is 12.5 cm or 4.5". The price is 250 EUR + shipping

juma san mai