Making a san mai kitchen knife

In this article I show you how I make a san mai kitchen knife, from start to finish. The total viewing time is several hours, even with many sections sped up to 4x the normal speed or more. I decided to show all the details because it's easy enough to skip forward if you want. This way, interested people can see exactly what I do.

The knife itself is a santoku style knife in a san mai construction. The core layer that forms the cutting edge is wootz steel. The sides are Damascus. The handle is made from fossilized sea cow bone. And finally, 2 gem quality emeralds are set in the handle. This is the knife for which I will show the building process:


In the first part I explain the design of the knife, and show how the billet is made.

In part 2 I show how the billet is forge welded together and cleaned up.

In part 3 I show how the knife is forged from the billet.

In Part 4 I show how the knife is ground and heat treated

In Part 5 I describe the finish grinding, polishing and etching


In Part 6 I describe the making of the handle.


And in the 7th part, I show the finishing of the handle, and the mounting of the emeralds.